Custom Mug

$100.00 Coming Soon

Looking for something special for your special someone?

Help me help you, make a special and memorable gift to cherish.

Personalize a custom mug with your loved one's favorite food, activities (yes this includes hotpot), favorite noodle or etc.!

Please read through all instructions carefully - as custom orders are non-refundable.


1. If you would like, tell me a little bit more about your special someone! Perhaps a favorite memory with them that can be celebrated in this mug!

I would love to make this special for them and add any, if there are, details to tie this together.

2.Please pick five custom charms - desserts, baked bread, hot pot ingredients, etc.

If you have something else in mind, please let me know and we can chat :).

3. Send an email at [email protected] for confirmation and include the information from the answers above.

Please allow for at least 3 weeks lead time for custom orders. Depending on the request and complexity, I want to ensure quality and detail on this special piece.