Porcelain Peony

$150.00 - $185.00

This delicate peony is hand sculpted from porcelain. Each flower is completely crafted, every petal is made individually with the impression of my hand prints in the delicate translucency of this pure porcelain. Honor yourself or a loved one with a moment of touch and serenity with this flower.

Inspired by the remembrance of my 姨媽 aunt, we used to create miniature clay flowers at the dining table despite her sickness. The peony 牡丹花 in chinese is meant to symbolize the king of flowers, femininity, beauty, health and wealth. White peonies are also used to as medicine to heal stress, anxiety, depression and the immune system. I honor my memories of love by staying connected through this beautiful reminder.

Flower approximately H 1.75" x W 3.5"
Bell Jar approximately H 8" x W 4"

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