Private Lesson

$100.00 - $250.00

Private Lesson or Small Group Class up to 6 people

Please send an email to coordinate scheduling, see below.

Wondering about the wheel?
Try throwing on the pottery wheel or hand building with this personalized session!

This class is perfect as a gift, night out, or if you're curious about pottery without committing to a longer session class.

We will cover basic wheel throwing skills such as; wedging and throwing basic forms. These techniques will allow us to explore clay making with an open ended- not project- but progress based mindset. Students are encouraged to explore creating with clay and we can navigate together how to realize these ideas. By the end of class, students should get a taste for wheel throwing and hungry for more!

Students will aim for completing two pieces - that will be finished by me and glazed fired for pick up at a later date.

And for those looking to quickly grow your pottery skills, private lessons are a great place to get personalized techniques and pointers.

2 hours of your own individualized lessons!
Private Lesson $150

Bring your friends for a group discount!
2 people $125 each
3-6 people $100 each *Please see details below*

Classes located at Inscape Arts and Cultural Center, across the street from Chinatown Uwajimaya and a 5 minute walk from the lightrail station.

How to Schedule!

1. Please send an email to coordinate scheduling, and I will send a calendar link for us to coordinate together!

2. Make your appointment-

3. Please make payment on this site, within 48 hours to hold your booking, otherwise it will be cancelled.
*Groups 3-6 people -
1. Please have one person coordinate the class and pay the deposit (100.00) to hold your class date. This deposit goes towards the person coordinating class's - individual payment.

2. Please include the # of people, and date.

3. Please make your payments for individual students before class.